THE ABCs of Roamler Retail.

There is a crucial moment in the store when consumers make their final purchasing decisions. Optimal execution on the shop floor will bring you better results. With its virtual consumers, Roamler offers both manufacturers and retailers valuable insights into what's actually happening in-store. With our help, they can work together to ensure retail excellence.


Measure product availability, placement, price, promotional activity and any other instore factors relevant to retail execution in real-time.


Analyse and cross-reference the results with other sales data to better understand ROI and identify opportunities.


Create recommendations based on the results and alert your own field teams or external agencies to correct the execution and improve results.

Use our crowds
for your benefit.

Roamler is a well-trained local mobile workforce that can gather up-to-date high-quality insights in retail execution. After a tailormade pre-training programme and background checks, Roamlers, equipped with the unique Roamler app on their smartphones, will visit any retail location you request.

There they will collect any information or carry out any test you require, supported by photo evidence and location data. Their real-time presence in stores all over your market area means you don’t need to guess at how your brands are performing in shops, you’ll know instantly.

Ariën Brak

Field Sales Manager Retail

"Ultimately, the quality of promotion execution comes down to discipline on the shop floor. However, gaining control of activities on the shop floor is very difficult. The speed and scale of Roamler's participation gives us this control, greatly increasing the quality of execution and thereby leading to a direct improvement in sales figures."

Job Rombout

Sr. Category Manager

"The project managers at Roamler are good at thinking along with us on how we can create smarter reporting systems. These systems enable us to convert data points into insights more quickly, helping us to react faster."

Jacob Meijboom

Sr. Category Manager

"At Coop, we are always interested in our Roamler reports because, just like our suppliers, we also see the added value in having Roamler working with all parties to raise the execution on the shop floor to the next level."

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