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Keeping the soft drinks flowing

When a soft drinks manufacturer was confronted with increasing out-of-stock levels, they made it their top priority tofix the situation. They asked Roamler for help in determining which SKUs were affected at which times and which stores. By visiting a wide range of locations at designated times, Roamler was able to pinpoint the critical SKU’s in combination with time and locations. This provided the crucial input for the manufacturer.

Defrosting a new packaging campaign

A Frozen Goods manufacturer was about to launch an important ATL campaign in support of some new packaging. But before that, the manufacturer wanted to make sure that distribution had reached a viable level. Roamler was asked to look at the new packaging product presence. Following a sample measurement of eight retailers, it became clear that certain items in the new range were under-represented, and the client was able to delay some components of the campaign. By responding to actual in-store conditions, the client saved unnecessary expense, and the focused relevance of the campaign materials in combination with the higher sales uplift led to an increase in ROI for the entire campaign.

A close-up view of low stock

A beverage manufacturer wanted to know the impact of a new shelf plan within their product category. Firstly, they commissioned an Out of Stock analysis prior to the changes, and compared this with the results after the plan’s implementation. In carrying out the analysis, Roamlers generated close-up pictures of all the empty spots on the shelf over a two-week period. Roamler then analysed and organised the photos into quantifiable data, creating a clear before-and-after picture of product availability.